the pursuit of Java…..

I was just out of college and working at NAL. At the same time my roommate and friend was working on some java project in his office. That was the time, i began tinkering with java. Working from the usual basics, i was doing good, but then the Object oriented programming (OOP) stuff came and i got lost in the jungle of oops jargon. With VB/Fortran and my own tasks at NAL hitting in, i soon moved on, abandoning java, until now.

Pursuit of Java

This year began with the my second pursuit of java.

This time rushing through the basics, i plunged into Java with oops. This is what i think is the right approach. Transiting from procedural language to object oriented language, my mind in going everywhere. And this is where Daniel Stefankovic’s came to my help. or more precisely his course notes on Java.

Professor Daniel Stefankovic of The University of Chicago’s department of Computer Science had this java course notes.

I like them. They are short and straight. They start by exciting you and then delving into details. Just the way i like to learn something. And has lots of problems to hone the knowledge gained.

Visit the site to download the 7 PowerPoint that will help you get started in java or see then here.

Here are the 7 PowerPoint embedded for you to learn java.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Nice resource if you want to pursue learning JAVA, the most popular language now.

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