The Birth of Rafale – Integrated Design of Advanced Fighters Lecture

BirthOfRafale Although so many days have past since Dassault Rafale has tentatively won MMRCA, the mother of all tenders.  And ever since my twitter and Google reader feed is overwhelmed by reports and news on Rafale and Typhoon. Constantly reading so many posts,reports and analysis on this.

Today morning when nothing new turned up, I headed to Google. And Google led me to this pdf from the year 1987.

The pdf contains a lecture by Jean-Claude Hironde, Rafale program manager on design optimization for a family of multi role combat aircraft.

Rafale plays as the central protagonist in this fascinating report. The technical report uses design of multi-role combat aircraft design process as an example throughout the lecture.

It’s essentially a technical talk about the conception of Rafale, gives you an insight on what were the various design decisions made by the engineers when Rafale was still on paper. Fascinating stuff, if you don’t mind the rough, illegible  scanning job.

Must weekend read if you are interested in combat aircrafts!!

The Birth of Rafale [pdf]


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