How engineering simulations are helping the engineering community?

Reading How best in class companies amplify engineering with CFD research report by Aberdeen group, reminded me of NAL’s work.

Back then we were doing engineering simulations and physical tests in tandem. We ran physical tests on the recuperator and tested micro gas turbine simultaneous as the simulation models ran in fluent and ansys.

As a new graduate then, every activity was fun and exciting.

Gas turbines are complex systems and engineering simulations are increasingly paying a vital role in their design and development.

Here’s how engineering simulations are helping.

  • Less physical prototype systems to test, there by decreasing time and cost.
  • More scenarios and iterations giving more insight into how the product behaves under different conditions and environments. More scenarios sometimes leading to new innovation.
  • Better products that not only work but are optimized for cost, quality and performance.
  • Read the full 22 page report here [PDF].



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