Books of 2011

Unlike 2010, last year I didn’t meet my book reading goal, Read 20+ instead of planned 30.

And here are some of the books that made it.

Good book and distills insights of many different books on improving performance. If you care about talent, this book will introduce you to many book on the same subject. Liked the chapter on perception.

The talent code
It’s a sequel of talent is overrated. Builds on the previous book and tells the how. Loved the ideas contained in it. Will reread this year.

Shows how irrational we are in our decisions. This book stayed with me the longest.

The little book of value investing.
My first book on value investing. Though I felt I have learnt more from blog post of different bloggers, but this book took all the material to a whole new level.

Margin of saftey
Another book on investing and imbibed the concept of margin of safety. My fav section of the book was when it discussed about the workings of mutual and other fund houses.

You are what you focus on.

Like the previous one, this was entertaining.

Amazed to the know the iceberg that our brain is. Entertaining and enlightening facts. Amazed that so much processing goes behind the scene.

Where good ideas come from.
Collaboration and experiments. Liked the book. Looking forward to read the authers previous book mind wide open.

Real Money by Jim Cramer
Mad Money by Jim Cramer
Tribes by Seth Godin
Genome by Matt Ridley
13 things that don’t make sense by Michael Brooks
Greatest show on earth by Richard Dawkins

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