Aim at being, not at doing

A colleague of mine today forwarded this email. It hit all the right chords with me.

Chuang Tzu explains the idea with reference to the art of target shooting.

When an archer is shooting for nothing he has all his skill. If he shoots for a brass buckle he is already nervous.
If he shoots for a prize of gold he goes blind or sees two targets – he is out of his mind!

His skill has not changed. But the prize divides him. He cares.

He thinks more of winning than of shooting and the need to win drains him of power.

Chuang Tzu (300 BC), 29,4

In other words: clear vision demands disinterestedness. If we want to live fully and freely, if we want to live our own lives and achieve the purpose for which we exist, we have to step back from our frantic activities, and relax. Strangely enough we will then be more efficient, in a lasting sort of way. Because we have learned to ‘be’: and to see with new eyes

The example of shooting is something we all would have faced in life somewhere/sometime!

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Aim at being, not at doing

  1. Hello Mr Sukhbndersingh,

    I really like your status very much and great fan too. I always admire your writing style. It always had a great flow. I am a AeSI student and gonna complete in coming sem. One thing am very much worried is that I don’t have percentage and currently working in a BPO sector. I really love to write posters like yours. Even I do have blog in wordpress and written some non-fiction stories. I need your advice for my career.

    Thank you very much
    Kamath G


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