The fighters of MMRCA- Typhoon & Rafale

MMRCA Typhoon vs Rafale

Ministry of defence is to open bids for medium range multi-role combat aircraft (MMRCA) contract on 4th November. Every eyes on the two fighters who will be battling it out for the lucrative contract of 126+ fighter planes from Indian army.

Eurofighter consortium has Typhoon, while French firm Dassault has Rafale.

Its the classic French Vs English fight and will be fought on little details.

Typhoon is powered by EJ200 gas turbine engine and Rafale with M88-2.

Here’s a head to head comparison between the two power plants.


  M88-2 EJ200
Thrust(lb) with afterburner 17000 20000
SFC with afterburner (kg/daN.h) 1.7 1.76
Dry SFC (kg/daN.h) 0.8 0.83
Air Flow (kg/s) 65 77
Turbine Inlet Temperature (K) 1850 1800
Pressure Ratio 24.5 26
By pass Ratio 0.3 0.4
Thrust to Weight (afterburner) 8.5 9.175
Length (in) 139 157
Inlet Dia (in) 27.5 29
Weight (lb) 1977.5 2180
Low Pressure Compressor 3 3
High Pressure Compressor 6 5
High Pressure Turbine 1 1
Low Pressure Turbine 1 1


Component wise, EJ200 has the advantage of lower HP compressor stages. But Ej200 is longer and heavier than M88-2.

Thrust wise EJ200 has more bang than M88-2. M88-2 beats Typhoon at fuel consumption.

M88-2 operates at higher turbine inlet temperature meaning less turbine life.

Each of this engine has their own advantage and disadvantage.  But ultimately the decision might be based on the offset than the technical.

All I can say is may the best Fighter win!!

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What’s your views?



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