A Very Beginner’s Tutorial of DBX in Unix for Windows Users

Most of us work in windows. Most of our coding is done in visual studio and its a great tool to code and debug. The ability to add visual bookmarks, breakpoint is great.

But there are times when we are needed to work in Unix and Linux and sometime client requirements are such that we need to work from within a telnet account where there is practically no access to any GUI environment, then working with DBX is the only option.

I learnt DBX just because of that restriction and here is a simple presentation for anyone coming from windows development environment to begin using DBX, the powerful and capable debugging system available in Unix and Linux.

Its a very basic tutorial to start DBX debugging, meant primarily for first time users of dbx. Hope it will roll your ball and make your life a little easier.

Click here to download the original ppt file

or see all the slides as pictures posted here.








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