Some shortcuts for productive visual studio coding

Among other things, I am using Microsoft Visual Studio for Software Development in Fortran for a coupe of years now. In todays post i will discuss some of the shortcut keys that has helped me increase my programming productivity in visual studio.

Most of them you might already know, but some will be knew.

  • F10 to step in
  • F11 step over
  • F9 Toggle breakpoints at current curzor location.
  • Control Shift B  build the solution.
  • Alt+B+R is Rebuild all the solution
  • alt+w+l closes all windows
  • alt+v+k get the task list list the task for the project
  • control+f7  for compiling the current source file
  • (control +k) + (control+c) comments the current line
  • (control +k) + (control+u) uncomments the current line
  • control+ shift + s saves all
  • control f is find
  • control + h is replace
  • control + shift +f find in files….
  • control + shift + h replace in files
  • F3 is find next

Well that’s it. Do share anything that i missed.


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