Was GE F414 a Right Choice?

GE F414 beat EJ200 to power LCA. After getting the news, I did a back of the napkin and I think with GEF414 India has a winner.

With all performance parameter superior to EJ200, i think, with the lowest bidder, GE F414 is the right choice.

There maybe other factors that might have tilted the balance to GE’s favour. GE 404 was the test engine used in LCA for now and GE414 with 30% more thirst with similar size might have added weight to this engines selection.

So what is the consequence of this?

At 650 million dollar for 99 engine with 91 to be assembled in India through technology transfer, the deal is huge and clause of getting more 59 of them. One factor against EJ200 might have than it’s not built by one company.

Will it affect the MMRCA?
I  feel that maybe this latest development will tilt the deal in the favour towards US’s super hornet as IAF will have to deal with one firm for it’s needs. But there is also an issue of over reliance on US based companies so it might tilt towards the European/Russian companies to keep a balance.

Whatever be the case,  just like this time, Indian govt will have to strike a balance!!


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