How to do something?

Yesterday my friend remarked that we should do something on our own. We should do something that we can say it’s truly ours.

As I understood he was not mentioning on the things we do in office, the projects we deliver or the tasks we complete. He was mentioning about something that is beyond our call of work, that is beyond what we do. That’s is beyond what we know.

I call this things side projects. I have been interested and doing them off and on for quite sometimes. These are the tasks that I do just for the fun of it. Sometimes I learn something and sometimes it’s just a reinforcement of things i need to know better.

So I suggested him start a new small side project. Nothing big or spectacular but something that integrates well with his current level of work.

Where do I find the time? The best place for such a project is office. With maximum number of waking hours being spend there, means it’s the best place to utilize an hour a day or less in some pursuit.

What should I do?
Start exploring your primary software that you use. That can be your biggest productivity booster!! And this will not feel likecheating too as you are expanding your knowledge.

How should I do it?
Have an exploratory question in your mind and try to answer that with the tools you have. Let’s say you have excel, and maybe you are doing PCA analysis in your stress software. You can ask yourself an explortary question like “can I do PCA analysis in excel?” this opens lot of options before you and answering this question can teach you a hell lot of things about PCA and excel.

So what are you waiting for, take aim and shoot!!


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